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Fresh fuel for the sodium flares.

I feel very out of touch with people outside of my immediate family group. I know that the way to fix that is to start more conversations, comment more, reach out to other people more, and so on. It’s been difficult because I’ve been uprooted and so much is in flux; I’m sitting on a bed in a house where I have nothing I own but a couple of outfits and I’m generally afraid of the people who live here.

Trying to acquire housing has been more difficult than I expected it would be, even when I anticipated that it would be difficult. We’ve sent so many emails, made so many phone calls, done so much, and only had a few responses.

We were turned down, one place was rented out from under us, one person hasn’t spoken to us again about anything, either yes or no, and we’re waiting to hear about the most recent place, which we want to live in very badly and are worried that something like being on disability, even though we make plenty of money to pay for the rent (rent is ~1/3 our total income), is going to get us shafted again.

People in general seem to assume being on Disability = Welfare Queens, and so forth.

Ah. The night passed and I saw that the apartment had been reposted to Craig’s List yesterday morning, which was also when she emailed us back to say they were still processing our application. I don’t know what to make of that, and I feel frustrated and tired.

Since I don’t have my things, I’ve been doing rune readings with an app. If anyone is available and willing to do a reading for us about our housing situation (rune/tarot/anything), please email me at shannon dot kotono at gmail.

I don’t understand why we seem to be being blocked constantly.