I’m a male Shannon.

As far as I can tell, my orientation is almost always asexual with very rare demi-sexual forays when extreme trust is involved. I’ve had more romantic attractions than sexual attractions, and, judging from that, I’m decidedly gay.

I feel like I’m perpetually in my late twenties. It’s been a handful of years since I actually was.

I’m a serious Buddhist, though very polytheistic. I’m empathic and sensitive and hear other beings easily. I theorize this is because my mind shattered when I was barely a teenager and when it was reassembled, there were lots of pieces missing, leaving many doors and windows.

Still, despite being perfectly aware that many gods existed (my very best friend is the son of a god, after all) and that they had many kinds of relationships with humanity, I never expected to be singled out by one.

I began this blog soon after finding out about Freyr for three reasons:

  • I needed a place to write things down for myself.
  • I thought my experiences might benefit someone else.
  • People do not generally blog the beginnings of any interaction or relationship with a deity. I thought it might also help people to see one version of what things might be like at the beginning, and not 10+ years into a partnership that’s had most of the problems ironed out, and most of the rituals and devotion long-ago developed.

There are certain complications to being asexual/grey-A/demi-sexual and trying to have a relationship with anyone of any sort, but I’ve never seen it addressed at all related to deity/spirit relationships.

As you would do with anyone, I would suggest having an honest talk about the parameters of relationships you’re comfortable having (with anyone), and ask them what they would like to have with you.

Generally speaking, your orientation is not going to be news to them, but talking about it can be helpful for you, and so will understanding what they hope for both in the short and long term. An important thing to talk about is what if you don’t develop a sexual attraction, and if they will mind that at all.

I don’t believe that if a god actually cares about you, they’re going to shove you past a real limit that would be very damaging for you to cross. It would be severely traumatic for me to be pushed in that regard and it would not be a recoverable situation. If anything actually happened, it would be especially unrecoverable, because it would be rape.

I am of the mind that unless there is enthusiastic consent, no one should be having sex.

My header image comes from a photo by Diego Sevillia Ruiz.

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