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Summer Solstice

I had to put off my solstice doings until the night of the 22nd, because I was simply exhausted on the night of the 21st, and I can’t get private access to parts of the yard unless the landlord is asleep, plus we have incredibly nosy neighbors and I wanted to feed and thank the tree on our sidewalk.

I spent part of the afternoon outside of my body, so I could speak to two of the wights and spend time with them. My nocturnal activities involve a lot of rushing around and I don’t tend to get a chance than to do more than put my hand on something and send it my gratitude and love. They were happy to see me and wanted to talk about my wedding and all sorts of things.

When it was late enough, I went out in the flesh with 3/4 of a bottle of mead and distributed it to the major wights and the smaller ones around the boundaries of the house.

I was surprised that I used the entire bottle (it’s a very small plot of land), but that gives me an idea of how to plan for such things.

Land Spirits, Sacred Marriage, or Whoops, You Married the Yard

Last night, I was very tired very early — I’ve been in very bad pain, and it’s exhausting — and I was thinking about how I needed to get to know the land spirits here properly because it had never been done, and he and I both seem to feel strongly about honoring and understanding them. I was considerably too tired to journey, or slip sideways, or even to sit up and finish my mantras for the day, which collectively disappointed me.

When I did fall asleep, I had strange dreams about being in the small backyard, having sex with the ground, the earth, and the spirit who belongs to/lives in the pussywillow, while various other spirits were dancing around me. Whenever I woke up and drifted back off, I went back into the dreams.

The extent of Brand’s commentary was, “Oh, yeah, I did that, too [had sex with the earth] — some weird thing of dad’s — but it wasn’t here. I guess you just got married to the yard. Whoops.”

I was still too tired when I woke up to try to talk to Freyr about it, or even poke at the internet, though I was awake for a few hours. I had the feeling that they would like some chocolate and some of the mead I brought Freyr, but, so much more than too tired to go do that in the middle of the night.

The landvaetter.

They seemed pleased with their offerings and attention, though many were buzzing around me and still were when I came in and they stayed a while. When I came in, they asked for a candle and incense. Two things, at least, that exist in abundance.

Freyr told me specifically that I was to be their priest. He used the word more than once. And didn’t quite specify if by “area of land” he meant the area of land on this property or larger than that — I hope he meant on this property. It is enough that the woman downstairs shouts at me whenever I am in the yard, despite paying rent, without having to deal with other neighbors.

But no wonder they need it, when she exists, and she tears apart anything she does not like in the garden. A lavender bush that had been growing beautifully for six years or so, she had torn out while everyone was away and no one could stop or retrieve to try to replant.

I was also advised to stop using the cherry wood runes I had been using and get willow wood ones as soon as possible.

I took a lot of photos, and also have many photos Brand took for me, that I have not put up yet.