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Devotional Work

We have been talking about prayer beads.

A long time back, Freyr specified the number of beads he wanted me to use, and I found stones that would be ideal, and have generally only been waiting for a time when I could afford to purchase the materials and assemble it.

I have been interested in making prayer beads for other people for a long time, but have similarly been restricted by finances. It’s also occurred to me that many people who buy prayer beads have absolutely no idea what to do with them or how to use them, so it might be good to write prayers, adorations, or other devotions to gods and spirits I may make sets for in the future, so that I will have them on hand.

In addition to needing to work out the prayers for my own set.

I would like to write a much longer post about prayer, but recovery from the car accident is slow, and I am feeling very stressed and very thin.

Today while I was resting, I worked with the spirits of the trees living on this section of land and the spirits of the land itself — many of which were not clearly defined entities who were completely separated into something easily understandable. I felt myself sinking deep into the ground and felt the earth around me, and I knew that I had been guilty of being prideful and hubristic without realizing it, without having realized I’d created some sort of chain of being and placed myself on it above other things — that I was, in truth, the same as the microbes in the soil and served a similar purpose.

Healing the land and healing myself are likely connected. As are all of these meditative thoughts about devotion and prayer and walking through a land to bless it.

He likes mangoes.

Dying for some fruit but being in the wrong part of town to find a store that would let me use food stamps without a hike or an extra fare, I bought a mango drink at the anti-food stamp grocery store, and some instant oatmeal that will not make me sick.

I can go shopping on Thursday. And basically buy nothing but fruit and vegetables.

On the train, I was very tired (I can’t remember the last time I slept well: it’s been months) but appreciative of the mango drink. We shared it (however that works) and he was delighted by it. I said that I tend to avoid the particular company because unfortunately they donate to conservative and Republican things, and then I drifted into thinking of mango lassi, which I’ve made at home before, and love just as much. I can’t make/handle/consume any of his traditional offerings, but he likes mangoes. And I like mangoes. This could work out well.

Sweet Mango Lassi - Mango Smoothie

Sweet Mango Lassi (Photo credit: madlyinlovewithlife)

I was also thinking about my financial straits and beads and the poring over the beading catalogue we’d done recently due to how picky I am about malas and Brand wanting to upgrade his to a stone his father particularly liked.

I was going through things in what I thought was an appropriate color range and wondering how expensive they would be, and he said, gently, It doesn’t have to be expensive to make me happy.

My background, such as it is, states very clearly that you should spend all of your money on sacred things, and forgo various things so that what is on your shrine can be as nice as possible.

No, he said.

On the walk home, we stopped to look at everyone’s crocuses, which were especially beautiful in the late morning light. I foolishly didn’t bring the ipod, so I had no way of taking photos, and tomorrow, the light will be very different, since I will be coming back around 6. The colors and shadows were outstanding.

It was very simple. Looking at things that most people barely glance at. Admiring their beauty.

We were both very happy.


Crocus (Photo credit: formalfallacy @ Dublin (Victor))