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The Brisingamen was actually made of starfish

Around a certain area in the tree of life, one finds a lot of familiar names.


Brisingida -> Brisingidae (click on this picture) -> Brisinga, Brisingaster, Brisingella, Brisingenes, Midgardia, Odinella

Brisingida -> Freyelladae -> Freyastera, Freyella, Freyellaster

I’ve done literally nothing but watch a Let’s Play of Nier (an extraordinarily unhappy game, yet we both liked it, and liked the characters, and the loads of backstory you can find fan-translated online) lately because I have been so tired. That was most of my week. During my volunteer work, I almost fainted four times.

We’re moving on to another depressing game next.

Brand has been wikipediaing his family and mine in more relevant languages, when we haven’t been dead asleep while curled up together like cats. Team chronic fatigue syndrome, go!

And also we’ve been making plans for, having missed the full moon, after it starts waxing again, doing a highly awkward perambulation of the house (this house is attached to another house, so this perambulation will have to either start or end in the upstairs bathroom, and go down around the front, side, and back of the yard) to feed the landvaettir, and whomever might live in the house (I haven’t sorted that out yet), and ask them to protect the area.

I need to go down and feed the ones from my dream much sooner. As in, today. In the not-broad daylight when all of the screaming children from miles around are playing in front of the house.