The Current State of Bees

A few links to actions you can take, and organizations that need donations.

This first-of-its-kind report found bee-killing pesticides in more than half of the “bee-friendly” home garden plants sold at stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s — with no warning to consumers.

As a mom and organic gardener, I was shocked to learn that I may have unknowingly filled my backyard with hidden bee poisons.

So the next step of our campaign is to turn up the heat on Home Depot’s CEO Frank Blake and Lowe’s CEO Robert Niblock.  They must stop selling these dangerous pesticides.

Write to them.

the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released rules and new labels for pesticides containing the neonicotinoids imidacloprid, dinotefuran, clothianidin and thiamethoxam. These labels feature a special warning and prohibit use of these products where bees are present. While this is a good sign, it’s not enough. We know that bees need more protection, and we need more research so that we can better understand the impacts of these and other pesticides on pollinator habitat.

Your work and enthusiasm has helped move the EPA, but we need “The Save America’s Pollinators Act” to pass Congress. If you haven’t already, can you call your representative right now to demand that “The Save America’s Pollinators Act” be included in the Farm Bill to protect pollinators?

Call them.

A bill was just introduced in Congress that would ban neonics until a scientific studies could prove no harm will come to bee populations from their use.

Passing this bill won’t be easy. Big Agriculture and chemical companies are already lobbying hard to defeat it. Massive public support is the only chance the bees have. Over 100,000 Greenpeace supporters helped raise the profile of this issue last month. Together we now have a chance to save the bees before it is too late.

Urge your representative to support the Save America’s Pollinators Act and save the bees!

And write to them.

Mrs. Obama understands the importance of pesticide-free organic gardening and the importance of bees for the health of our food supply, our families and our planet.

But since many home garden plants and seeds are pre-treated with these pesticides, the first lady could be poisoning bees without even realizing it.

Ask Michelle Obama to take a stand.


Donation opportunities:

A gift-matching donation to help Friends of the Earth.

EarthJustice also needs help fighting the recent approval of sulfoxaflor, another highly toxic chemical.

And Greenpeace has also been working hard.


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