A month for Freyr: day 5

Golden Trail

There’s a further link between Ingui and the household in the form of His two servants, Byggvir and Beyla. They are obscure deities on whom the only surviving information comes from the eddic poem Lokasenna, namely the prose introduction and stanzas 43 to 46, 55 and 56. Etymology provides additional information, but not conclusively.

Byggvir & Beyla

The name Byggvir is usually traced back to the word bygg, which means barley. This leads to the idea that He may be a spirit or god of the crops and makes sense of Loki’s words, who says that Byggvir can be found under the quern-stone or hiding in the straw. As for Beyla, the etymology is less clear and several theories have been put forward: baula (cow), baun (bean) and biuilo (bee). The first of the three may mean that She’s a milk maid, thus explaining why Loki calls her “dirty”, but the…

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