Unintentional Consequences

I hurt my shoulder worse than I think anyone could have expected by carrying some groceries which were not even that heavy on Thursday, though admittedly I did carry them a long time. It hasn’t improved much, and trying to type with the way it affects the nerves all the way down to my fingertips is unpleasant.

Interestingly, I was trying to buy some things for Freyr while I was there, too, and he told me to put it back and get it a different day — this Tuesday, perhaps, since I have to go downtown anyway.

I hadn’t hurt myself doing anything else by that point. I was tired and I was considering the weight of everything, but I didn’t think it would do anything but make me more tired.

Coincidence, maybe. Or the voices in my head are real.

As for wanting to write and having had Plans for writing, he’s also told me not to worry about it until I’m feeling a little better and I’m not muddled with either painkillers or muscle relaxants.

He is always so generous about things like that.

I hope to sleep well and wake up in a much better state, at least intellectually, so I can peck away at something proper to post.


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