The Demigodspouse Edition

Brand’s parents, both being gods, seems to, according to the sort of genetics we learned in middle school, mean he is also one, but he is profoundly uncomfortable about the idea, and I sometimes refer to him as a demigod to aggravate him. It worked too well, here, for a title to go for the sort of politeness one would expect when discussion my best friend/lover/husband/twin.

I helped with the ceremony for Brand and V., and had my first (in my opinion, extremely awkward, but no one shares my opinion) foray into being a priest for other people.

They were there, very much.

It’s very silence-inducing, at least in the afterward, feeling them so strongly here, in such a way that I am confused by people who do not believe in any form of divine, or other, or at least more than we can know.


2 thoughts on “The Demigodspouse Edition

  1. naiadis

    I try very very hard to not think along those lines, myself. “So, if I name one god Father, then . . . ?” For right now, it means only that when I’m dealing with not-humans, I have *some* clout, in the “is the amount of satisfaction you will gain from causing me or mine harm worth it enough to you, considering Those who have my back?” Usually, I find that they decide, no, it’s not. It helps, too, that considering the number of people who will name various gods or goddesses in parental roles, that while I may call Odin Father, and while our relationship is so very special to me, it’s by no means unique. Keeps me humble, and I prefer be humble.

    Hail, the gods, for being present in our lives, and granting us this awe.

    1. shannonkotono Post author

      Being here, one is incarnate as a human, either way, making it a moot point almost all of the time, he tends to say. The only benefit he hopes to derive from it is that he may find some sense of community among other child-of-Loki people, though that hasn’t happened yet (the ones he met were very… competitive, and that isn’t something he is interested in at all — there’s no point in trying to “outdo” anyone with one’s “specialness”).

      I tease him because I love him, and because I think he is profoundly special, regardless of how he came to exist or anything else.

      I’ve been adopted; no one says they are my parents in a biological sense, and I only think of it with gratitude that someone has loved me enough to want me to be their child, when they had the least obligation of anyone at all.

      It is wonderful that they love us so much that they create us, adopt us, or contribute to the blood that ultimately makes us.

      Odin being his uncle, I know him a bit, and I am glad he is your father and with you as you travel through your human life and what lies beyond it. His power and wisdom is also silencing in its awe, even when he is doing nothing at all but standing with his staff in an entirely neutral mood. It flows from him in waves. It seems like, though he would definitely be very strict about certain things, he would be such a protective and loving father that I can imagine fewer things safer than being wrapped in his arms.


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