And then: the Eviction

Despite promises and long discussions and other things, our situation went from stable with long-term plans safely in place, to “You have six months to get out” in half a day.

And so, tomorrow, we begin at a frantic pace to try to get housing much sooner than six months because no one feels comfortable in a situation where many, many acquaintances are suddenly showering us with ill will and threats. Because we took V in. Because this deeply violated the boundaries and whatnot and all else of the woman whose house this is. The conversations we had about it, and the rent, and everything else were had while she was “in denial” that we “would ever do something like this to [her].”

I thoroughly cleansed and warded this room last night, and V slept much better, and longer than he had been, and woke up much more peaceful. I’ll keep it up for all of our sakes.

I’ve had a tremendous stress headache today, and people have been over downstairs, including one of the ones threatening us, so we’ve not budged except to creep to the bathroom. This is a fairly rare thing but makes it clear to me that we need to have some nonperishables on hand for the days when we need to avoid all contact with guests and therefore the kitchen until they leave. Thankfully, I suppose, my appetite disappears completely when I’m stressed, and I was the one awake the entire time.

They ordered dinner, and I put in for some safe food for us. Which, despite appetite issues, and being less than fond of some of the ingredients, I devoured it. Thank the gods for a stomach that has its own ideas, I suppose. I’ll make something in a couple of hours that I won’t find so disagreeable and maybe scrape into a not-starving arena of intake.

On Tuesday, we will be able to go shopping. I wonder if some semi-high calorie foods might be good for two of us. Something like nuts, which I can soak so my body will get along with them better, and are entirely good nutrition.

Brand is quiet, somewhat distant, trying to figure a way out of this situation and into something stable and safe sooner than yesterday. But he wrote a long post about Loki and Heimdall and various other things, that some people may find very interesting.

It was heavily recommended by my therapist that I ruthlessly practice shamatha and get the rest of them to do it, too, if we were going to stay anything resembling sane. I have some home study classes popping up that I should listen to, as well. Since Thursday, I haven’t been able to do anything but feel frozen in horror. Friday I did the Confession to the 35 Buddhas, Saturday was spent very frozen, and today has been… the wobbling needle on the richter scale.

My neck hurts in a shamatha-problematic fashion, because it seems to be demanding support beyond what my spine can give it, and I’m a notorious faller-asleeper when meditating propped up in bed. Maybe with my wavering focus and occasional wafts of terror, mantras might work out better.

It’s strange to reach towards one’s god and feel them very annoyed, or possibly angry, on your behalf, and I don’t really know how to react to it.

“Duh, of course he’s protective of you,” Brand says.

But he is withdrawn at the moment and the loneliness sits heavily on me. Likely to avoid potentially triggering me/causing me to feel unsafe, because angry people frighten me on a basic animal level. No matter how much they love me.

6 thoughts on “And then: the Eviction

  1. shannonkotono Post author

    Yes. It’s not too difficult to scare me: perfectly ordinary humans I know to be physically weaker than I am shouting harshly about someone else and moving suddenly close to my face terrify me. And he’s quite well-acquainted with my PTSD, so it’s perfectly reasonable that he’d keep to himself during the worst of it, since his power, far outstripping the most powerful humans I have ever known, would blue screen me.

    Despite loneliness, it is comforting to be understood enough to be protected.

  2. naiadis

    This is horrible to read, and I’m sorry. I’m grateful for the sixth months’ you have been given, though I’ve lived in situations where home was not a home, and I know that six hours can be an eternity longer than how long I’d want to remain there. May something perfect turn up, and soon.

    I “get” the angry people frighten one, no matter that the anger isn’t at *you*. I’m sorry, too, that His being thoughtful regarding that results in an emotional retreat. I hope stability reasserts itself soon, until flourishing and nourishing can be reinstated, once living situation becomes better. This is all sorts of craptacular, and it sucks. You’ll be in my prayers.

  3. Elizabeth

    I am sorry that your situation has deteriorated. I hope things resolve themselves in the best possible way for you three.

  4. Beth

    I’m so sorry to hear this, and I hope the perfect thing turns up sooner, rather than later. You have three gods (at least) working on this on your behalf, so I am confident that it will, although I know things suck in the meantime.


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