If you would like to contribute some energy or prayers to the difficult Work we will be doing over the next week to free someone from their extremely abusive family and moving them into a supportive home, we will all appreciate it.

They have been suffering, all their lives, emotional and psychological abuse, humiliation, torment, starvation, and been prevented from speaking to doctors or other people in authority on their own behalf. They have been kept prisoner by someone who should not have been assigned payee status on their disability. The paperwork said they should not have a payee, but this was disregarded, and as anyone knows, if someone else controls all of your money, there is very little you can do.

They have not had access to medicine they need.

Their payee believes they can be fed nothing but hot dogs and lemonade, or arbitrarily put on a diet that rarely scrapes them above a thousand calories a day. Sometimes they have had to scavenge for food. For a period of time, they were being fed nothing but three ounces of dry meat and one glass of water. I am entirely serious. I have been in this house. I have met these people. I have seen what they do.

Their payee has told us that they are willing to sign over those rights to one of us. It seems that they want to get rid of them so they can use the space they have been living in to make an apartment for their preferred child, so that she can live at home again, after the hated child is removed.

Said hated child is beloved of Loki. Beloved of Freyr. Beloved of Heimdall. Beloved of Angrboda. Beloved of Jormungandr. They are well-loved by the gods. And we need to act as the hands of those gods to remove this child they all care for deeply and put them somewhere where they will be assisted in any way they need, loved, supported, helped to get the correct medical care, helped with shopping, fed good foods, and allowed to do things they enjoy, as they always should have been.

Later this month is their thirtieth birthday. Let them celebrate in freedom.

Please write to me privately if you need personal information. I can be reached at shannon dot kotono at gmail.


One thought on “Freedom

  1. Elizabeth

    I will certainly offer my prayers, and any further assistance I can render. Will contact you via email.


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