The old far-too-familiar internet drama.

Trigger warning.

Anyone who reads nearly any sort of pagan blog may or may not have found themselves staring at a maelstrom nearly impossible to understand, unless they happened to know some of the major people involved in the “pop culture pagan” community-wide fight.

I could never quite get a handle on who was angry at whom and why, because I don’t read the major players. Someone posted some links in a post that was linked from someone I do read and, finally finding the posts at the beginning of it all, I found someone I managed to be completely unsurprised to see on one end of such a large mess.

They usually flounce out of a community after something happens that either they start, or when someone calls them out on something, and flounce back in with a new name, with their True Friends following along. More than one person has pointed out how they tend to use cult leader sorts of tactics with these friends, and most of them hang on desperately, proving their loyalty again and again by, basically, hating on command. They have a problem with so-and-so; if you want to remain their Friend, you must cease any and all communication with so-and-so and any apparent ties (friends’ lists and things).

Not only are they prone to such behavior and attacking people online, they also raped someone very close to us, and beyond that particular incident, that relationship was full of “forced consent” which is not consent at all. We both consider forced consent to be rape, as well. They admitted to raping our friend, but declared that it was a “misunderstanding.”

Yes, I’m certain many rape victims have “misunderstood” what was happening. I’m sure my faculties were fully offline while I was sober, wide awake, and being brutally raped; what really happened was that some nice men found me being so confused and laid me very gently down for a nap in a nest of Care-Bears with a blanky.

So. Color me disgusted.

And exhausted.


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