I sent this to someone I am commissioning some important items from, while asking for an update on the project.

The spring has been running hot and cold here, but at least we had the time to enjoy some of our favorite flowers, and we’re looking forward to seeing what happens with the butterfly and hummingbird seed mixes we sowed.

Our bleeding heart has been completely astounding this year. It grows beside one of the plants that has the dominant spirit of the land attached to it. Their energy seems to blend together well, which no one predicted when we planted it. She (the dominant land spirit) seems more peaceful with him beside her, tangled with her roots.

I had never thought much about it, but they do seem to be a mated pair, now. Foolish of me to not think about, honestly. Everything loves, and wants to be loved, and how fortunate we are when we find someone we can love and be loved by.

One of the oracles Brand received this month was to never neglect his friendship with me. It was never in danger, but they thought it should be emphasized.

We don’t talk about it, because honestly our lives are so much all over the place that it seems superfluous to bring it up, but we became a couple some time ago. Everyone who knew us well was so thoroughly unsurprised that I think we were the last to know we were in love with each other.

We ground each other. And are each other’s safe harbor, I think. He was told by the oracle that they thought it might be because we were both important to each other’s spiritual path, and that is certainly true. We support each other. Our roots tangle together.

The ring for my Work arrived the other day. I like it. Freyr likes it. I certainly can’t wear it every day; it’s too wide between my fingers, dismantling Brand’s theory that I’d been secretly corralled into buying a wedding ring.


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