My volunteer work became extremely busy and I decided to take a meditation retreat (in the city, coming home and returning) this weekend. I have come home and we have had no hot water, so I have had to take cold showers, and then slept, heavily.

My friend’s mother… is so much on the verge of terrible death, and as soon as things seem to get better, they get much worse. I started to cry today, reading his most recent update. Brand pulled together some practical advice on household issues he was having, being suddenly in charge of two thoroughly irresponsible girls whose friends are all drug addicts, a four year old, and his brother who seems reasonably human. Brand is very good at phrasing things for other people. Giving them scripts. To explain how these myriads of people can “help” when his refrigerator and freezer are stuffed and his little brother will not eat much of what people are making. Specific nonperishables (cereal the child will eat, whatever “breakfast foods” people will eat such as pop-tarts (not a food), canned chicken/tuna, etc), household needs like toilet paper, a list of what the child eats, a request for Amazon cards for bulk shopping that our friend does not have to do. Brand is helpful; I cry.

Though it was him today who fell apart about everything else.

And then I also cried because he had to take a cold shower when he was already feeling so very miserable. That was all before we were updated about our friend’s mother.


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