Zombie Bronchitis.

Due to being woken up by one of us making a noise like moaning zombies whenever we exhale, Brand named this particular strain of viral bronchitis the above.

My life for the last few days has been dominated by zombie bronchitis. My chest hurt so badly that it reminded me of having had major surgery. The doctor said that the severe pain was likely caused by dehydration and that anyone with bronchitis needs to try to drink their weight in water every day to allow the body to have enough excess hydration to spare some for the bronchi, so the mucous in the lungs will become more fluid and coughing is more productive and less irritating.

She was right. My chest hurts much less today.

It was very windy yesterday and breathing the cold air was very unpleasant.

Freyr has been with me off and on. We had a long conversation on Monday about important things. Tuesday and Wednesday, I was a combination of very sick and then busy and very sick, so our conversations were limited to short things that were often about him telling me to do something to take better care of myself.

I’m now having a muscle spasm in my neck which is causing an intense migraine (and intense pain). I hope I can spend some time with him Friday.


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