The landvaetter.

They seemed pleased with their offerings and attention, though many were buzzing around me and still were when I came in and they stayed a while. When I came in, they asked for a candle and incense. Two things, at least, that exist in abundance.

Freyr told me specifically that I was to be their priest. He used the word more than once. And didn’t quite specify if by “area of land” he meant the area of land on this property or larger than that — I hope he meant on this property. It is enough that the woman downstairs shouts at me whenever I am in the yard, despite paying rent, without having to deal with other neighbors.

But no wonder they need it, when she exists, and she tears apart anything she does not like in the garden. A lavender bush that had been growing beautifully for six years or so, she had torn out while everyone was away and no one could stop or retrieve to try to replant.

I was also advised to stop using the cherry wood runes I had been using and get willow wood ones as soon as possible.

I took a lot of photos, and also have many photos Brand took for me, that I have not put up yet.


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